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Author Topic: FS - Ecoxotic LED strips/parts - Hydor In-Line Heaters -Temperature Controllers  (Read 73 times)
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« on: February 12, 2017, 06:14:56 AM »

Ecoxotic LED strips / transformers / LED dimmers / Singe Ramp Timer

Ecoxotic / Current USA have restructured and have discontinued  hobby LED lights at Ecoxotic, as the division will now focus on aquaponics and the Current USA division will focus on hobby lights.

Ecoxotic LED lighting modules/parts available as follows:

The following strips can be used in a canopy or in a racking system or other custom configuration.

2 - NIB - Panorama Pro 12" 16W (12 LED's) 8000K strips w/reflectors - $25 ea



3 -  12-24V LED dimmers - $10 ea

1 - Current USA Single Ramp Timer - $20

1 - 48" 4 into 1 LED  splitters with on/off toggle on each line - $10 ea

1 - NIB 72W 24V transformer  - $25


Hydor Heaters
Get rid of that ugly heater in your tank and use an in-line heater on your canister filter
Very reliable Hydor ETH heaters available

2 - used 300W - $25 ea SOLD
1 - used 200W - $20

All heaters are for 5/8" hose fitting. (i.e 16/22 eheim hose)

Ranco Temperature Controller
Ranco ETC 1R Temperature Controller -
1 available used $60,
1 available new $80

If you are running more than 1 heater on your tank ( or even just 1 high wattage heater) synchronizinging temperatures is next to impossible and usually winds up having heaters run more than they need to. A Temperature controller allows you to plug multiple heaters into it and takes over the temperature regulation rather than the cheap regulator in your heater opening and closing all the time - the temperature controller has its own probe in the tank.
You turn your heaters a couple of degrees higher than the temperature you want in the tank, then plug them into the controller which controls the powering on and off of the heaters and being more cost effective.
You can also stop worrying about the potential for malfunctioning heaters getting stuck on high and cooking your fish - we all know someone this has happened to - it happens !!

ETC-1 model, 14ga 8 ft power wire, will handle 1800W of heaters input.
This unit has 1 input connection, which you can use to connect a power bar to connect multiple heaters.


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