Welcome to the Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society (OVAS) webpage. Our club is open to all aquarium enthusiasts in the Ottawa Valley area.

Club meetings are held the fourth Monday of the month at Tom Brown Arena in Ottawa starting at 7pm. Please check our website for club information and full event details.


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OVAS is a member of the Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs.

Club Meeting – May 30th 7:00 PM – Cichlids, Elections, and Pizza!

As always in the TOM BROWN ARENA 2ND FLOOR

Join us for our May meeting on May 30th.

You will be able to vote and volunteer to become part of the OVAS executive – a unique opportunity to determine the path the club is going. For more information check out our forum post: http://ovas.ca/forum/index.php?topic=59728.0

Our presentation will be held by Jody McManus, many of you will know him from the Big Al’s East. The talk he will be doing is going to be Cichlids of the World pt 1.
A talk about cichlids in general, the discussing some specific species from different areas.

Here is Jody’s Bio:
I got into the hobby in about 1987, with a 29 gallon community tank.
My brother and I quickly got another, then another tank. He soon discovered girls, and that was the end of his aquarium hobby. I on the other hand, kept at it, and was keeping a bunch of different type of fish, but already my leaning was towards the cichlid family.
I was a member of the Saskatoon aquarium society for a couple of years, then moved to Ottawa, where I didn’t have any tanks for about 5 years. Then one tank, led to another, then another. Again, with many different types of cichlid.
Around this time, mid 90’s I joined OVAS, and soon after was in charge of the bowl show. Eventually, I would become Vice President, and then President of the club for a couple of years.
In 1999, I started working at Big Al’s and except for a 4 month excursion to where I was working in Malawi, I have been there ever since.

We will be having pizza as a little treat for everyone!

Hope to see you all!

Club Meeting – Loaches – April 25th 7:00 PM, TOM BROWN ARENA 2ND FLOOR

Speaker: Luke (Dixu Xie) from Aqua Sense Workshop of Montreal


1) Different aquatic landscaping techniques for the home aquarium.

2) What causes excessive algae growth and techniques for elimination


Luke has had a long-standing interest in tropical fish-keeping and has a passion for aquatic landscaping and everything related to it. His business is located in Montreal and has a strong reputation for providing quality advice and services related to high-end tropical fish-keeping.

Luke grow up in SiChuang China, a province surrounded by mountains and rivers. He love’s everything in nature. Proof? Luke had 4 rabbits, 5 turtles, 1 cat, 2 dogs, 1 Chinchilla, 2 parrots and uncountable plants and fishes in his life. Six years ago, he became obsessed with planted aquariums. After trying everything he could such as growing plants on gravel, DIY lighting, seeking stones and driftwood in local forests, DIY CO2, and 5 hours research per day for over one year, Luke was finally able to create any aquascape he wanted. He has now built his own shop to share this hobby with all aquarists in Canada. It was a tough start, but so far Luke has helped more than 50 beginners to build their aquascaping from 0 and they are very happy about it. He hopes his presentation will help OVAS members too.

Club Meeting – Loaches – March 28th 7:00 PM, TOM BROWN ARENA 2ND FLOOR

Speaker: Zenin Skomorowski from Kitchener, Ontario

Topic: Loaches


Zenin has been in the tropical fish keeping hobby on and off since he was 12 years old. In 2002, he stepped up his involvement in the hobby by joining the Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society. Within 2 years, he went from one 15 gallon aquarium to eight aquariums, ranging up to three 50 gallon and a 100 gallon aquarium. He keeps a wide variety of fish such as cichlids from Africa and the Americas, along with rainbowfish, tetras, barbs, livebearers, plecos, cory catfish and loaches. Zenin keeps approximately 12 species of loaches. His most favourite Loaches are Clowns, Berdmorei and Dwarf Chain Loaches.