Welcome to the Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society. Our club is open to all aquarium enthusiasts in the Ottawa Valley area.

Club meetings are held every month at the
Tom Brown Arena at 7pm. See the EVENTS section below for dates.

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OVAS Executive


PresidentErrol Choocharliepresident@ovas.ca
Vice-PresidentJody McManusJodyvice-president@ovas.ca
SecretarySid Arnold
TreasurerMike McCarthyDxperttreasurer@ovas.ca


Program ChairMike GilbertGilbotronprogram@ovas.ca
Auction ChairRobert Hempfischkoppauctions@ovas.ca
MembershipLiam Epptanksalot360membership@ovas.ca
SponsorshipAndré Martinajm1961sponsorship@ovas.ca
Online PresenceMatthew Timmsmattimms49OVAS-News@ovas.ca


Various Auction Positions

List of OVAS Executive Positions and Their Duties

Act as official representative and spokesperson for OVAS; including CAOAC and intra‐club liason.
Chair all Executive/membership meetings; serve as an ex‐officio member of all OVAS committees.
Ensure that members of the Executive carry out their duties while also recognizing individual capacity and willingness as volunteers; does not imply that the President must assume the duties of any Executive member who is absent or derelict in their duties.
Ensure Executive and Club continuity through leadership, mentorship, fellowship and encouragement of team work and recognition of efforts.
Ensures communication of club events and announcements to club and forum membership.

Assist the President in carrying out all of his or her duties.
Act for the President, in the President’s absence or at the request of the President.
In the event that some Executive positions are vacant, will assume the responsibilities for one of them, as agreed to with the President.
In the event that all Executive positions are filled, will assume other club or committee responsibilities as agreed to with the President.

Record the minutes and action points of all Executive meetings and ensure their posting on the Executive forum in a timely manner.
Record any proposed action, decision or vote taken at a general club meeting, and post them on the club forum in a timely manner.
As directed by the President, provide an account/summary of Executive meetings to the membership.
In collaboration with the President, attend to correspondence to and from OVAS and the OVAS Executive.
Ensure the tracking of OVAS’ physical assets.

Keep a complete and accurate record of the financial transactions of OVAS and make these available to the Executive at all reasonable times.
As approved, provide advances or reimbursements for club expenses incurred by members of the executive or club committees, while ensuring proper documentation of those expenses.
Prepare an annual financial statement for the approval of the Executive and the membership.
Ensure the safekeeping of OVAS’ financial assets.
Attend to correspondence and records relating to OVAS’ finances.
Provide financial forecasts and other financial advice to guide Executive decisions.

Make recommendations and proposals on what takes place during club meetings.
Making contact and arrangements for guest speakers and meeting activities.
Develop contacts in the aquarium hobby and maintain a list of potential speakers for OVAS events.
Make arrangements for the smooth running of club meetings which includes:
– Meeting agenda
– Reception and recording of guests and members
– Door prizes
– PA system, laptop and projector as required
– Beverage and snacks (if not already provided at venue)

Organize and run the mini-auctions and Giant auction.
Serve as auctioneer.  May delegate role to other volunteers.
Announce auction schedule, details and rules on the forum.
Recruit volunteers and assign duties as required.
Provide appropriate documentation to the Treasurer at the close of each auction for audit purposes.
Maintain an accurate list of all current auction statistics

Maintain a current and complete record of all members, and make it available to the Executive at all reasonable times.
Collect membership fees and provide them to the Treasurer, with a reconciliation of the fees collected and the
membership list.
Provide paid members with membership card and any club introduction materials in a timely manner.
In collaboration with members of the Executive, develops and maintains club introduction materials to outline and communicate club benefits to paid and prospective members.
Develop and recommend strategies to promote membership in OVAS.
Coordinates any approved membership drives.

Follow‐up with all forum sponsors for renewal ; obtain payment and signed contracts according to defined timelines.
Seek new forum sponsors as needed, while respecting established rules.
Develop, maintain and safekeep sponsorship contracts
Develop and maintain relationship with sponsors and relate any complaint or improvement opportunities to Executive for resolution or decision‐making.
Ensures the development, posting, and removal of forum sponsor banners.
Collaborate with AquaMania Sponsor Coordinator to provide forum sponsors with opportunity to participate and further support the event; also to coordinate communication with forum sponsors who choose to sponsor AquaMania.
Seek business contacts to promote OVAS and OVAS activities, and seek sponsorships and other tangible ways of increasing the financial soundness of OVAS.

Picture of the month contest or other forum activities or events
Forum content curation (i.e. posting of hobby related topics and references)
Administration of Facebook page
Obtaining hobby expert posts or input (ex. “Ask Albert Thiel”)
Encouraging forum posts and welcoming new forum members