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Posted: May 13th, 2017

Monthly Meeting – May 29th

The second meeting for the month of May will be a busy one. This meeting is the regular meeting and will take place on Monday, May 29th 2017 at Tom Brown Arena. Tom Brown Arena has plenty of free parking and is close to the OC Transpo transit routes.


We will start off the meeting with very important club business. The annual OVAS Elections will take place in which OVAS Members can vote for the Executive Members for the 2017/2018 season. We look forward to seeing some new volunteers out to help with the running of the club. If you enjoy the club’s activities, have some new ideas, or just want to be available to assist, it would be greatly appreciated if you ran for one of the many positions that are available. If you wish to volunteer, please state your intentions in this OVAS Elections thread. Persons interested in running should be at the meeting.

Some extra info about the OVAS Executive you may want to know:

• Executive meetings usually take place in the second week of each month. Exact date and location is TBD the week prior.
• Being on the executive isn’t hard or scary
• The current executives will be available to help you if needed
• The Giant Auction is probably the only event in which requires the most planning. Additional volunteers are sought out to help run the Giant Auction.
• The season starts on September 1st and ends on August 31st. Nothing really happens from June to August except for the possibility of a BBQ.
• OVAS Members must be in good standing to run for an executive position
• Your membership will be paid for by the club

For positions of the OVAS Executive and their duties, please visit the Executive Positions page.


The second item we have on the agenda is our speaker, Luke (Dixu Xie) from AquaSense Workshop in Montreal.

Title: AquaScape with AquaSense
Topic: Luke will give a hands-on demonstration on aquascaping a planted tank with live plants

Hi everyone,

This is Luke from AquaSense, the professional aquascaping store in Montreal. I cannot wait to see you guys again. This time I will present a step by step aquascaping demonstration with rocks, substrate, driftwood and live plants. The discussion topics will include the following:

1. Decide what you want to create
2. Layout material selection
3. Equipment and tools selection
4. Plant selection
5. Aquarium structure(dry scape)
6. Aquascaping presentation by hand
7. The 1st month maintenance
8. Common Questions

Best Regards
AquaSense Workshop Inc.
5530 Saint Patrick Street Unit# 1129
Montreal, QC H4E 1A8 (Google Map)
Tel: 514 800-0790


To end the season, the last item we have is the the Fun Planted Fish Bowl Activity Contest. Several OVAS forum members will be presenting a fish bowl or similar that is about one gallon or less. They will be aquascaping/decorating their bowls based on their own personal preferences, experience and desires but must be able to sustain live plants with the option of live stock. All though this contest is open to all forum members, OVAS will only be giving out prizes for the top three bowls entered by current OVAS Club Members. It might be a good ideal to have your OVAS membership card with you at the meeting, just in case we don’t know you.

1st Place – $100.00
2nd Place – $50.00
3rd Place – $25.00

Viewing and voting will take place during the meeting. The winner will be announced at the end of the meeting. Entrants must be present to accept their prize.

Please visit the Fun Planted Fish Bowl Activity Contest thread on the forum for more info.


Since this is our last meeting of the season, anyone who has any aquarium related items to sell or give away are encouraged to bring them to the meeting.

Munchies and refreshments will be available as well.

Hope to see you on Monday, May 29th 2017 otherwise see you in the new season.