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Posted: January 7th, 2018

Jan 22, 2018: Biotopes and Building Large Aquariums




Jan 22, 2018  ·  OVAS Monthly Meeting

Speaker: Frank Aguirre

Biotopes and Building Large Aquariums

Tom Brown Arena @ 7:00PM

On Monday, January 22nd OVAS will be hosting Frank Aguirre who will delivering a presentation on Biotope aquariums and some of the large aquariums he has been involved in building. Frank is a very engaging speaker, has been active in the hobby his entire life and has tons of experience with aquariums of all types. Please join us for what should be a truly interesting discussion and the opportunity to meet Frank and have him address any questions you may have!



Frank Aguirre

Frank has been a tropical fish enthusiast since the age of five. He began by helping his mother raise pond goldfish in his homeland of Mexico. He set up his first aquarium at age seven. By the age of ten, he became an assistant at a small aquarium shop. During his teenage years, he learned the techniques and “secrets” of breeding from master breeders in Mexico City. In preparation for his career choice as a biologist, he went to the Polytechnic College in Mexico to study aquaculture. He then pursued a bachelor’s degree in Biology. His ultimate academic goal is to obtain a Masters Degree in Ichthyology at Guelph University.

His life has been dedicated entirely to the study of fishes, with particular emphasis on reproduction and genetics. After publishing many papers and articles in a variety of magazines, Frank’s next project, a book on tropical fish is a logical step. His repertoire varies widely in topic, ranging from the common to the unusual. As the president of Acuaprof Inc. Frank is now fully integrated in to the aquarium business and supporting the hobby trough his activities as member of the Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs CAOAC.




This is a free event sponsored by the Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society. Anyone with an interest in aquariums is welcome to attend.

OVAS presentations are a great place to meet other aquarium hobbyists, exchange ideas, and learn more about fish and aquatic plant keeping.

We hope you will be able to join us!

Mike Gilbert, Program Chair



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